Care & Handling

thermometer Keep cut flowers away from extremely hot or cold temperatures.
vase In your container of choice, use floral food mixed with clean water to extend vase life.
knife Using a knife, diagonally trim each stem about one inch from the base. Do not use scissors, as they can clamp the stem.
vase with drop Add 6-8 drops of Clorox Unscented Bleach per gallon of water.
leaves To boost the longevity of your blooms, always use clean containers and remove any leaves or branches that fall below the water line.
calendar Every two or so days, replace the container’s old water and give it a good rinse. Use the Clorox treatment to prevent bacteria growth.
sun Avoid direct sunlight. Once flowers are cut, it hurts rather than helps.
fan Do not place flowers in drafty areas (by open windows, fans, A/C or heating vents). This can lead to dehydration.
fruit Do NOT place flowers next to fruit and vegetables. Some flowers are sensitive to ethylene (a gas emitted by ripening fruits and vegetables).
net Do NOT pull up on flower netting. Petals will get caught in the lower part of the net causing them to separate. Instead use both hands to carefully fold the bottom of the net outwards and then upwards.

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