500+ Acres

across 10 farms in Ecuador & Colombia

4500+ Employees

across 10 farms in Ecuador & Colombia

50+ Years

of high-quality, fresh cut flowers

Our Story

Our Story

Founded in 1972 by Peter Ullrich, ESMERALDA FARMS comprises ten flower farms, and Genviv's breeding unit, spanning diverse growing regions in Ecuador and Colombia. State-of-the-art production and unyielding dedication are the marks of excellence that elicit our international recognition for leadership, innovation, consistency and quality.

Esmeralda’s world-renowned growers apply innovative agricultural practices to increase productivity while ensuring environmental sustainability. Our flowers are a direct result of the unrivaled passion and loyalty of our team.

In February 2022, Esmeralda Farms acquired the variety portfolio and all the operations of Genviv, Tecnoviv's breeding division in Ecuador and the United States. A leader in innovation in the floriculture breeding sector, Genviv has introduced some of the most recognizable rose and summer flower varieties in the market since its inception as Esmeralda Breeding & Biotechnology in 1999. With this acquisition, Esmeralda and its parent company, Sunshine Bouquet, will gain Genviv's rich pool of genetics and R&D capabilities.

A few months afterwards, Esmeralda acquired the variety portfolio and operations of Sande Flowers in Ecuador and the United States. Sande’s high-quality products makes a perfect complement to Esmeralda's current catalog, which will result in more superior floral offerings for our customers.

At Esmeralda Farms, we strive to exceed expectations by providing optimal customer service and supplying flowers that are a cut above. It is our goal to set the standard for excellence in fresh cut flowers.

Founder, Peter Ullrich

Peter Ullrich, Founder “I look at our business like the hi-tech business. If we don’t improve what we have, if we continue to sell what we have, we cannot expect that our business is going to grow!” – Peter Ullrich

Peter Ullrich built Esmeralda Farms by growing and breeding the best fresh cut flowers in the world. The ...read morestory begins in 1942 in Bad Wildungen, Germany, Ullrich’s birthplace. It was at his parents’ small flower shop where Ullrich was first introduced to flowers.

In 1962, Ullrich moved to the United States with a dream. Among other part-time jobs, he began peddling flowers to earn extra money. Twice a week, he would drive to the airport, load up two or three boxes of flowers, and sell them to local stores. Finding success in these activities, he set his sights on building a career around selling flowers full-time.

Ullrich opened his first wholesale operation in 1971 in Queens, New York, where he sold cut flowers imported from South America. It was here where he realized that selling flowers wasn’t difficult—it was sourcing them that was challenging.

It was then that Ullrich invested in the flower farm, Flores Esmeralda, located in Medellín Colombia. Without knowing a word of Spanish, Ullrich became one of the first growers to establish a presence in South America. Taking advantage of the lands’ high altitude and favorable climates, he began cultivating top-quality, fresh cut flowers available for year-round purchase. For the next four decades, Ullrich would continue to grow Esmeralda Farms as a company, establishing additional operations in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico and Africa.

In 2006, for introducing new Hypericum varieties to the U.S. market, Ullrich was honored with the prestigious Gold Medal Achievement Award by the Society of American Florists. Two years later, Ullrich was awarded with the Wholesale Florist & Florist Supply Association’s highest honor, the Leland T. Kintzele Distinguished Service Award, for his substantial contributions to the floral industry.

In 2013, Ullrich announced his retirement as President and CEO of Esmeralda Farms. The marketing and distribution of the company's products in North America continued under the Connectaflor brand. In June 2020, Sunshine Bouquet Company acquired Esmeralda Farms. Two years later, in February 2022, Esmeralda acquired the variety portfolio and all the operations of Tecnoviv's Genviv breeding business unit in Ecuador and the United States. With this acquisition, Esmeralda Farms and its parent, Sunshine Bouquet Company, gain Genviv's rich pool of genetics and proven R&D capabilities.

Today, Esmeralda Farms remains one of the most prominent players in the floral industry, still committed to Ullrich’s incomparable vision dedicated to quality, beauty, longevity and value.
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1971 Peter Ullrich begins a small, wholesale operation in Queens, New York, selling fresh cut flowers imported from South America.
1972 Seeing the opportunities in flower growing, Ullrich invests in a farm—Flores Esmeralda—in Medellín, Colombia. Here, the Esmeralda brand was born.
1990s Always striving for excellence and innovation, Ullrich begins experimenting with flower breeding.
2013 Ullrich retires as President and CEO of Esmeralda Farms. To fulfill Esmeralda’s distribution in North America, Connectaflor was launched.
2020 Sunshine Bouquet Company acquires Esmeralda’s operations in the U.S., Ecuador and Colombia.
2022 Esmeralda Farms acquires the variety portfolio and all of the operations of Genviv breeding and Sande Flowers in the U.S. and Ecuador.
PRESENT Today, Esmeralda Farms cultivates over 250 varieties of fresh cut flowers and employs over 4,500 people in North and South America.

Our Team

Our skilled sales teams, championed by more than 250 years of combined experience, are committed to providing outstanding product knowledge and service that exceeds expectation.

North America

Rodrigo Leiva, VP of Sales & Marketing Rodrigo Leiva VP of Sales & Marketing
Beth-moya Beth Moya Sales Manager - North America
Willie Colon, Account Executive Willie Colon Account Executive
Leonardo Valdes, Account Executive Leonardo Valdes Account Executive
Marcie Cruz, Account Executive Marcie Cruz Account Executive
Lorena Fernandes, Account Executive Lorena Fernandes Account Executive
Howard Levine Howard Levine Account Executive
esmeralda-farms-demetrius-ferguson Demetrius Ferguson Account Executive
talmage-mclaurin Talmage McLaurin Creative, Esmeralda Farms & flower.style
natalia-reategui-esmeralda-farms Natalia Reategui Marketing Coordinator


Eduardo Chiriboga Eduardo Chiriboga Commercial Director
Andres Flores Andres Flores Account Manager
Pablo Montahuano Pablo Montahuano Account Manager
Juan Carlos Dávalos Juan Carlos Dávalos Account Manager

Our Farms

Silhouette of Ecuador


Spread across eight different farms in Ecuador, Esmeralda grows a large selection of roses, spray roses, Gypsophila and a vast assortment of field flowers—making this land the source of the majority of our products.

Farms Employees Acres
San Pablo 750 172
Santa Marta 194 59
La Tolita 230 59
La Mora 600 88
El Chiván 390 74
Esmeralda Sun 160 41
Flor Y Campo 437 97
Perucho 360 27
Silhouette of Colombia


Located in the cities of Medellín and Bogotá, Esmeralda’s farms in Colombia produce a selection of Alstroemeria, carnations and Chrysanthemums.

Farms Employees Acres
Flores de Tenjo 314 59
Flores Esmeralda 340 74


Making a Difference by Making Better Choices

In our continuous journey of innovation, we remain committed to providing top-quality flowers while protecting the land and the people that grow them.

Our Certifications

Rainforest Alliance Certified

Rainforest Alliance Certified

This certification ensures that Esmeralda’s farms are managed according to rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.

Flor Ecuador

Flor Ecuador

Flor Ecuador ensures compliance with Ecuadorian legislation on social and environmental issues to promote sustainable farming.

Business Alliance for Secure Commerce


The Business Alliance for Secure Commerce (BASC) promotes safe trade in voluntary cooperation with governments, border agencies, control authorities and international organizations.

International Silver Rose

Silver Rose

The International Silver Rose Award honors the Grower of the Year for responsible and sustainable horticulture.

Huella de Carbono

Huella de Carbono

The Huella de Carbono (carbon footprint) certification is given to companies who actively measure direct greenhouse gas emissions from their supply chain, thus proving their commitment to combating climate change and its impacts.


At Esmeralda Farms, we unite passion with talent to build our industry-leading team of thinkers and doers. Explore available careers and job opportunities at Esmeralda.

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