• 70 cm

  • Blue and Painted Varieties

  • 2 weeks

We present you our very own Eryngium variety. Colored with a vivid blue, our puffy Eryngium are bred by our team, so you can have the best quality flowers.

With a unique shape and very strong and long stems, this variety adds an eye – catching feeling to everyone who sees it.

Our blue Eryngium has a very long vase life. You will get up to 21 days to enjoy its unique shape and color. We assure you everyone will be surprised with this beauty.

  • 70 cm+

  • Yellow and painted varieties

  • 2 weeks +

We present you our Achillea. Perfect as flower filler in any arrangement, this flower comes in its natural yellow, but if you want to have a personalized touch, you can order them in painted colors as well.

With a very long vase life of more than 2 weeks, this is an ideal product for any bouquet or arrangement, if you’re looking for brightness and colorfulness to your creations!

With our Achillea, you won’t get tangling, broken or bent stems, because it grows to be strong. Prepare yourself to get livelier and eye-catching arrangements!

Our Achillea Varieties


  • 70 cm +

  • Dark blue, green, white & painted varieties

  • 2 weeks +

We are proud to present you our Trachelium. Created to have very strong stems and a long vase life of more that 2 weeks, our Trachelium comes in its natural green, dark blue and white.

If you’re looking to give your flower arrangements a unique touch, you can order some painted Trachelium to add color.

Perfect as versatile bouquet filler, our Trachelium will provide the bushiness that you’re looking for to create amazing floral designs.

Our Trachelium Varieties

Rice Flower

  • 65 cm +

  • White and Pink

  • 2 weeks +

Our round, abundant and beautiful Rice Flower is something we are proud to show you.

Their long stems and very long vase life will determine that the Rice Flower you get is bred by our team at Esmeralda Breeding. This crop has perfectly round buds that together form a perfect full circle that comes in white and pink.

We invite you to take a look to one of our most beloved variety. Bred and brought to you from our dedicated breeders.

Our Rice Flower Varieties

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