A note on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a date to remember our heroes, those who fought for our freedom and also for the whole world’s justice with their lives, just so we can leave in better, more peaceful and fair planet. We are thankful and very proud for their brave duty.

So to honor our National Heroes, Esmeralda and Connectaflor want to be active participants in the Memorial Day celebrations that will take place this Monday throughout the country. In association with the Memorial Day Flowers Foundation we will be donating flowers to 16 national cemeteries across the U.S to pay tribute to our brave soldiers.

The Memorial Day Flowers Foundation is a non – profit organization that works with different businesses and families to make floral arrangements on this special holiday for our brave soldiers who served our country with pride and strength. The foundation’s volunteers will be putting flowers ongraves and also, will be giving them to the veterans who come to commemorate this important date with honor and resilience.