Last Details for your wedding

Are you getting married this year? Or maybe just planning a wedding? We know that organizing such an important event is a lot of work, so we want to help you and be part of the most beautiful proves of love there are. Maybe you’re a professional wedding planner and you know everything there is to know about a wedding, but here we have a short list of details that could be forgotten with the entire buzz and fuzz that comes along with organizing the perfect wedding.

  1. First of all, we suggest you make a map of where are all the flower arrangements going to be placed. This will save time when you are decorating the venue. And if you do it with a little bit of time, you will be able to buy just the right amount of flowers and foliage.
  2. Sound & Video check: Either you’re having a string quartet during the ceremony, a band during reception, or if you’re projecting a video, it is important to make a sound and video check the day before. If you’re hiring someone to play music, it would be important if they can be at the venue the day before, so you will make sure the sound as you expect they do.
  3. Be prepared for surprises: as you may know, there are many things that could go wrong on a wedding day. Make a list of everything that could happen, and have an action plan for every detail. Have a spare sewing kit, some scissors, a first aid kit, gum/mints, etc.
  4. Make sure every key person knows how to get to the venue, and if they have transportation.
  5. Everyone who has key importance to the wedding has to be there 1 hour earlier from the start of the ceremony, so we can deal with any eventuality that may occur.

For wedding planning, defense is the best offense! Be prepared with time. Make checklists of the things that could go wrong. Plan everything in advance, so when The Big Date comes along, you’ll just have to be worried that everything goes according to planned.