How to plan your perfect Easter dinner party

We hope you enjoyed our last week’s first blog entry! Now that you know what the color trends are for this season, we’ll continue with more tips and ideas just made for you. We hope you enjoy it!

As the year goes by, we have many holidays to celebrate. And if you think as we do, you want to give an extra touch to your parties and events.

Since spring is already here, we’re going to mix up our color trends when we’re planning an event. Easter is coming soon, so we have some helpful ideas for a perfect Easter dinner party at home. Remember! A successful party is the one that has the best and most beautiful details, so we’re going to focus on them on this note.

Flowers and egg decoration

Having flowers at our homes always make them more lively. So, as you can imagine, all our blogs will have flower decoration elements, ideas and tips.

Since Easter is celebrated in some religions as an important and sacred date, we would recommend small bouquets, to maintain sobriety.

You should keep in mind that you don’t want to mix all the colors on trend for this season and also, you have to keep in mind that there are special holidays, such as Easter, that have their own representative colors (for example, during Christmas we use red, green and gold, but they are not necessarily the colors on trend for winter).

Well, during Easter, the main colors that are used are white and purple. So we suggest you use small bouquets using lilies and alstroemerias, combined with our traditional White Gypsophilas.

You can also decorate your flower arrangements with white empty eggs. To do that, you can make a hole with a nail, on the bottom part of the egg to empty its contents.

Bunny shaped Napkinks

Give your dinner table a special touch, setting each plate with a bunny shaped napkin. Here, we will show you how to fold them. Also, you can combine different colors for each seat. You can combine white, Niagara (pantone) and yellow.

Easter hunt

Who says that Easter egg hunts are just for kids! You can make a treasure map and organize your guests on teams. As a prize, you can give them something fun and useful, like a gin tonic spices kit, or a fine bottle of wine.