The best way for you to celebrate this July, is to do it with the people you love, by having a patriotic party with them. And you know it will be more fun if you use the American flag colors in each of the decorations you have. There are a variety of ideas that can make a patriotic themed party affordable, but most important of all, elegant.

  1. You can make your center pieces with some of our varieties! The flowers that we recommend you use are blue Gysophilas, Playa Blanca roses and Checkmate roses. This way, you will have the red, white and blue of the flag. You can also give a detail for the stars, by also using our unique White Gypsophilas.
  1. Have a bonfire! If the venue has a backyard, or it’s located near the beach, you can organize a bonfire at night. You should think of different types of food that can be made with a fire! Maybe some BBQ Ribs, organize a BBQ, prepare some cheese, wine and some cold beers. You can also hire a musician so they can play the guitar and sing with all the guests.
  1. As you know, fireworks are a MUST when you are planning a patriotic – themed party. Be careful though! If you’re going to have some at the partyl we highly recommend that you also hire an expert that will handle them correctly. Remember they are explosives, and should be set on fire by professionals. Other than this suggestion, let your guests some blankets, and maybe some boiled wine while they enjoy the magical view that is watching the sky painted in different colors.
  1. If you want to exceed your guest’s expectations, you can play with the patriotic colors also for the drinks you’ll be offering during your party. You can use blue Gatorade, cranberry juice and ice to have a fresh summer cooler, and also, you could have flagged – themed glasses.
  1. You can also have fun decorations, such as a bandana string. You just need nylon string, red, blue and white bandanas. Just fold them in have over the string, tie the ends, and there you have it!