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Esmeralda's diverse growing regions in Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico enables us to take advantage of different climatic conditions and soil compositions. Some products are grown in greenhouses to protect them from variable weather conditions, while others are better suited to be grown in open fields.

Esmeralda uses minimal quantities of pesticides on our farms. Oftentimes, if chemicals are used excessively, a visible thin, white residue builds up on the leaf surface which is very unsightly, reduces vase life, and can be harmful to humans and pets. You'll immediately notice that Esmeralda roses will not have this film; our leaves are healthy, clean, with a shiny green color . On average, we use 75% less pesticides than an average flower farm. We only use chemicals certified and approved for use by the EPA.


Esmeralda Farms Colombia


Esmeralda Tenjo Bogota, Colombia Noted for its superb Rose and Alstroemeria production, Esmeralda Tenjo is a 120 acre farm located in the small Colombian town of Tenjo, just outside of Bogota. Established in 1980, Tenjo has justly earned its reputation as a premium, well-experienced grower known for producing strong, long-lasting varieties in a wide range of colors. Its strict attention to detail is evidenced by the layout of the farm itself; crops are planted so that cooling facilities are centrally located, ensuring that there will never be more than a five minute lapse between the time of cutting and the point of refrigeration. The farm also enjoys close ties with world-renown rose breeders and is a leader in the introduction of new rose varieties.


Esmeralda Colombia Medellin, Colombia Located near Medellin at an altitude of 6,885 feet above sea level, Esmeralda Colombia benefits from an extremely favorable climate and of some of the best agricultural land available, an ideal environment for the cultivation of cut flowers. A South American floral pioneer, Esmeralda Colombia was established in 1972 and is recognized internationally for excellence in Chrysanthemum production - specifically, for its research in tissue culture, cloning, and variety development. The technically advanced laboratory facilities allow development of longer lasting, disease-free varieties with abundant bloom counts, oversized heads, strong stems and precise coloration. Among its assortment are a wide variety of products such as Bouvardia, Gerberas, Fugi Mums and Standard Mums.


Esmeralda Farms Ecuador

Esmeralda Ecuador is located on prime, strategically chosen agricultural land near Ecuador's capital city of Quito. These farms feature premier Rose, Gypsophilia and novelty flowers managed by a team of world class growers at a state-of-the art facility spanning 280 hectares. Esmeralda Ecuador operates 9 unique farms that range in altitude from 6,600 to 10,000 feet of elevation: Santa Rosa, Santa Marta, Esmeralda Sun, Hilsea, Tolita, Perucho, Mora, La Victoria, and Flor Y Campo. Sunny days and moderate night temperatures typical of this area create an ideal climate for the cultivation of our healthy and robust flowers. Products include standard Roses, Spray Roses, Hypericum, Campanula, Ammi Majus, Aster, Solid Aster, Delphinium, Godetia, Liatris, Limonium, Sunflowers, Gypsophila, Mini-Gerberas and Trachelium.

Flor y Campo, Ecuador

Hilsea, Ecuador

La Mora, Ecuador

La Tolita, Ecuador

La Victoria, Ecuador

Perucho, Ecuador