For this Mother’s Day we want to share with you some DIY presents that you should make for that special person that has been by your side during your whole life!!

We guarantee a 100% of a big smile on your mother’s face, stay tuned.

1. 52 things I love about you.

Our first idea will let flow your imagination. Share with your mom what you love most about her.

Items: Playing Cards, Mod-podge, Binder rings, one hole punch and scissors.

You have to write, and then print the 52 things you love about your mother, and then paste them in the playing cards.

Once the cards get dry, punch 2 holes on each card (as a binder) and try your best to make them in the same place so it will look

The final step is to thread each card onto the rings and spread the love to your mother in your own original way.

2. Bouquet of flowers and chocolate

This present is for those moms who love one of the sweetest and most delicious things in the world… if you guessed chocolate, you’re right!

Items: Thin sticks, glue, wrapped chocolates, 1 brick of oasis (flower green foam), ribbons and your mom’s favorite flowers.

Red Roses and Chocolates for mothers day

The first step is to paste the candy bars at 2 inches of the sticks. After you let them dry, you’ll have to cut the flowersAfter this, you have to put the candy bar sticks into the green floral foam and after that, fill the rest with your mom’s favorite flowers.

3. Bouquet of flowers and chocolate

Give your mother a unique gift that will remain with her forever. Make a video about her! It will be emotional and also, very personal. Interview the most important people in her life. Ask them how they met, a funny/emotional story, and their favorite thing about her.

Home made video - Mothers Day Esmeralda Farms


  • A camera
  • Members of your family
  • And a basic video editing program